Traditional vs. same day crowns?

Your dentists in Wayzata offer both same day & traditional crowns.

You’ve heard about same day crowns and want to learn more.

One of the highest rated dentists in Wayzata, Dr. Bjorklund, invites you to download his newly released Ebook.

We invite you to learn (for free!):

  • 5 biggest reasons the type of material in your crown matters
  • 1 requirement you MUST meet for stainless steel crowns
  • 6 biggest drawbacks to traditional crowns
  • 8 incredible advantages of same day crowns
  • 2 scenarios when same day crowns might NOT be the best choice

What's the difference between same day crowns and traditional crowns? Download our FREE Ebook to figure out which is the better choice.

Preview a free eBook from our dentists in Wayzata titled Same Day vs Traditional Crowns: Which is the Better Choice?

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‘‘The procedure was state-of-the-art and actually very pleasant. I also had some repair done to some raggedy chips on my two upper front teeth and I am so pleased. All this in one visit!’’

– Wendy L., Actual Patient

What does a same day appointment look like?


Dr. Bjorklund will prep the tooth by removing any bacteria.

Minute 30

Our CEREC AC Powered by Bluecam scans your tooth in need of a crown,and then mills the restoration right here in our office.

Minute 30 - 60

Watch your crown be made in front of your eyes.

Minute 60 - 90

Dr. Bjorklund will expertly place your restoration, and you will walk out of the office with a new crown.

We’ve restored several hundred crowns, returning the strength, comfort, and function to many patients’ smiles.


Frequent questions about same day crowns

A: Yes. Technology has been perfected over the last 30 years that allows dentists to provide crowns in hours instead of weeks. Learn how they compare to traditional crowns in our free downloadable FAQ.
A: Each tooth and patient is unique. Our free download will provide detailed information to help you understand if same day crowns are the best choice for you. Then you can have an educated conversation with your dentist.
A: Most dental insurances will cover the cost of same day crowns. If you’d like to verify coverage, give us a call. We’re happy to help.

Same day or traditional crowns?

Thanks to technology, you have prednisone a choice. Dr. Bjorklund is here to help. Once you become familiar with your options, call us. We’ll be happy to provide a recommendation in our Wayzata office.